What is an audio conference and how does it work?

An audio conference is like a large conference call, but in a more controlled, program-like environment. The entire "conference" is conducted via the telephone, and a speakerphone is the only equipment needed to participate in the conference as a listener.

An organization interested in participating in a specific conference needs to register for it using one of our 4 easy ordering methods. Registration includes:
- access to a 90-minute interactive call for as many people as can fit in a room with a speakerphone
- downloadable presentation handouts-which are made available 48 hours prior to the call
- an opportunity to participate in a live Q&A session following the presentation

Each Federal Fund Management Advisor audio conference runs for approximately 90 minutes. The expert speaker usually uses the first 60 minutes to share "how-to" tips and real world insights on a particular topic. During this speaker presentation portion of the conference, registrants are in a "listen-only" mode. After the presentation portion is concluded, the phones are "opened up" for a live interactive Q&A session, with conference attendees queuing up to ask questions of the presenters. This part of the conference usually lasts for 20-30 minutes.

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How do I register for an audio conference?

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Does Federal Fund Management Advisor offer continuing education credits as part of its audio conference program?

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